Sunday, April 8, 2018

Follow-On to Linda's Art Quilts Blog

As a result of some, strange glitch, I am unable to post in my original blog ( so I am starting this new blog.  My original blog, Linda's Art Quilts is still able to be viewed, so I may make reference and provide a link to a particular post from time to time.  I thank you for your forbearance and continued visits.  Right now I am pulling my hair out but even that has not helped me solve this problem.
To bring you up to date, I have been working on a few new things that I'd like to share with you.

The first,, "Early Winter" is a  9" x 23", thread sketched, quilted, hand colored and mounted work that is ready for hanging.
"Early Winter"

The next work, "Pollution #1" is a 9" x 12" thread sketched, hand colored, mounted, ready to hang work.
This last one, "Not One More" is a 29" x 68" quilted work that is hand painted, and machine quilted on canvas drop cloth fabric.  I created it it reaction to the many children and others who have lost their lives to gun violence in America.
"Not One More"
These are the sentences that are quilted around the dress form:

“Not One More”

We have spun fiber to clothe the people.
We have sewn our flag.
We have sewn on stars.
We have sewn quilts for warmth.
We have sewn quilts for the walls.
We have sewn quilts that led slaves to freedom.
We have sewn patches onto worn cloths.
We have sewn uniforms as our men and women were sent to war.
We have sewn opulent clothes for the rich.
We have sewn clothes from scraps and feedbags for the poor.
We have sewn our tears into the fabric of our lives.
We have sewn up the rips and tears of the nation.
We have sewn together the wounds of war with threads of hope.
We have sewn families together in love.
But we refuse to sew shrouds for one more victim of gun violence in America.
We refuse to sew shrouds for one more victim of gun violence in America!
©Linda Friedman 2018

Always remember, never fear to experiment.  
Sometimes wonderful things happen.
© Linda Friedman 2018.  All rights reserved

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  1. Hi Linda - I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to access your other blog. It's wonderful to see that you have created a new blog and posting these amazing pieces of art. xoxox